Get Shady for Kupp

Somebody asked this a while back but I’m in a worse situation. Im shallow at RB’s. Got a few guys that could be good but no healthy studs. I am a bit better at WR. Someone offered me Gronk and Ridley for Kupp. But I might also have Shady on the table. I could really use the RB help but Gronk is always enticing.

Take this. And then immediately flip Ridley for someone like Aaron Jones. His price is still crazy inflated. Might have another big game this week so you could sell after that too if you wanted.

I get your RBs are in shambles so I wouldn’t fight you if you took it for shady too.

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Thanks, Mike.

@MikeMeUpp anybody else you like in the realm of Aaron Jones? Trying to map this out to see who I can actually get for Ridley before I accept.