Get the jump on Callaway?

Callaway is sitting as a FA in my league, I could wait to see if he does anything and hopefully snatch him up at a later point, OR I could jump on it now and grab him while he is available and no one else is gunning for him.

I would have to make a drop, these are my current WRs, do I even need Callaway? or are all my options much better? (Thinking long term season long of course)

Beckham(Obviously not dropping him)
Hogan(Will his role diminish so badly once Edleman comes back and now that Gordon is there?
Jones Jr
Baldwin(Is he worth holding on to?)

12 team standard

I’d rather keep what you have. If I were going to drop someone it would be Godwin but I’d rather have him than Callaway myself

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I agree with you on this, Godwin would be the drop but I prefer him to Callaway too.

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