Getting a Chubb

Josh Gordon + Lindsey for Chubb? Think i’m overpaying here?

right now my WR’s are OBJ, Hopkins, Gordon, Lockette, Smith, Beasley

RB’s : Michel (out for forseeable future), Lindsey, Drake, Lewis, Foreman(IR)

RB is really thin.

I would try to keep Lindsay and flip Beckham for RB and WR

I agree. You have to upgrade that RB spot and Chubb doesn’t do it for me. I think you could legit do something like OBJ for Mixon or Lindsey & Gordon for David Johnson or CMC to the right owner. Is your TE any good? If so maybe try to package him and go get a lower TE off waivers to flip for a good RB.

It’s so funny you mentioned those 2 guys specificly (Mixon and CMC) as those were the EXACT 2 i tried to flip OBJ into.

The Mixon owner has Mixon, Connor, Bell, Howard, and Riddick, and told me he’d be “too thin” at RB if he traded Mixon for OBJ.

The CMC owner denied every package i sent his way (he is also the Chubb owner) and told me that CMC is off limits entirely (lol!)

The only thing i can hope for at this point is that Flash Gordon has a monster game in Buffalo (which i think he will) and try and make some offers next week…my league is EXTREMELY anti-trade, everyone wants to “win” the trade and thinks they are being tricked if it doesn’t look almost entirely in their favor.

Extremely frustrating

My TE’s are Jared Cook and Jordan Reed currently.

Not exactly the sexiest options right now lol

Legit the exact move i’ve been trying to make all week, with no luck yet =/

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Not what you want to hear, but try pivoting to Hopkins instead of Odell and see if it makes a difference.

If i pivot to Hopkins, i still run into the issue of it being a 12 man league so everyones rosters are rather thin when it comes to top talent.

Hopkins is easily top 3 behind theilen and AB…

CMC just isn’t worth a Hopkins (unless you think me being the Cam owner boosts his value?)

The mixon owner MIGHT be swayed, but he wants a back in return and im not sure if he would do it for anyone less than Lindsey as my only other options are drake and dion lewis (no one wants an injured michel for a RB1/WR1)

So the trade with the mixon owner would be somewhere along the lines of Mixon+Cooks for Hopkins+Lindsey/Drake, and that feels like i’m the loser lol.

I’m stuck big-time

Yeah but OBJ isn’t THAT far behind DHop. You have to give a little to get a little. Thats a minimal step down. You don’t just get CMC you get CMC + a WR 2 say. You just simply can’t afford to give up a back without hurting your team. I don’t see how you can even manage byes as is right now with Sony out. You should be okay once he gets back.

If i were to pursue CMC for hopkins and adding a WR, my choices would be John B, Funchess, or Marvin Jones.

As the Newton owner i feel like Funchess would be the best choice to double up points, but talent wise i feel john B and marvin jones are both stuck in that Wr2/wr3 roles in offenses that have several capable WR’s.

I came up with this idea last night, let me know what you think.

The Hunt owner is 0-7, and in our league not only is there a prize for the winner but there is also a harsh punishment for the loser (this year is 11 v 1 paintball :laughing:)

He needs some wins to try and get out of last place, but unfortunately his team is SO THIN that a regular trade isn’t going to get the job done, because he’ll just be trading his only good player for a new only good player.

I was thinking, what if i did a OBJ, Kenyan Drake, + either Dion Lewis or Ty Lockett for Hunt+Mahomes?

His Roster (get ready for this lol)

QB: Mahomes, Brees
RB: Hunt, Barber, Eckler, Ronald Jones
WR: Robinson, G Allison, Moncrief, Goodwin, Godwin
TE: Kittle, Engram

My roster : Listed in the top post with Newton @ QB and Cook+Jordan Reed for TE

edit: I also added mosert or however you spell it from waivers last night

Edit 2: my argument for this kind of trade would be that he could slide brees in at QB and all the pieces i send him would become starting pieces in his lineup, at least then he’ll have a shot at a few wins

Your input would be greatly appreciated @MikeMeUpp !

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Bump for thoughts

Off the top, I would never make this trade if I were the other team. They are stronger at WR (potentially very strong) and they would be gutted at RB. You are offering them ‘hype and hope’ as opposed to anything solid. Though you likely know this which is why you are offering it :wink: I love OBJ, but he is a wildcard this year as well. In return you are getting a weekly RB1 without doubt (I do not try to predict for injury). If you then take away Mahomes there is so much wind out of his sails. I like Brees just fine, and believe he is a solid QB1, but between the two I would much rather retain Mahomes if I am looking for a glimmer of chance to win on any given week.

Larger picture, IMHO the only way to make your team stronger and not just shift weakness is to do OBJ or Hopkins (I would keep OBJ but they are close) for Hunt straight up. Based on how most folks think, it would probably take Hopkins but he just played. When you add in other pieces you weaken yourself too much. You cannot safely lose another WR and your RBs are good but not great, especially while Michel is out. He might be back this week. He might be out the RoS. We do not know. To pitch in another RB (of any caliber worth trading) to get a QB is not a strong move as you are left with fumes beyond Hunt.

If you really wanted Mahomes, I could see offering Cam and Lindsey in the trade and adding Mahomes. That is probably fair. But I would not do it.

Just my two cents!

thanks for the input homie,

my main target in that kind of trade was hunt, but like you said in his position it doesn’t make sense to trade hunt for anything straight up, due to being a weekly RB1. that meant if i wanted him, then i would have to offer up even more, and then again, like you said, i’m just trading weaknesses at that point.

The offer IS weak, but its strong in the sense it fills more holes on his already thin team. I figured if i could provide him 2 Startable RB’s and a true WR1, then Brees could fill his QB slot just fine and then maybe he’d have a shot at winning.

I’m just trying to find a scenario where i can get ahold of an RB1, my league is just simply not making it easy :sweat_smile: