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Getting a little nervous about Mccoy


First off my keepers are: OBJ, Jordan Howard, Jamison Crowder

I traded up from 1.09 to the 1.03 and I’m fairly certain I need to take a RB. David Johnson is a keeper for another team and gone, and Lev Bell will go #1 with most likely Brown going #2. I had planned on taking Mccoy at 3 but Buffalo is really starting to scare me. Am I crazy to take Melvin Gordon over Mccoy at 3? Devonta Freeman is already gone as well as he is a keeper for another team.

If I didn’t go RB and grab Julio, then on the way back at 2.04 I would be getting either: Mcaffery, Dalvin Cook, Carlos Hyde. None of which really excite me as my #2 behind Howard.

So I guess my questions are… 1. Do I go RB or WR with my first pick and 2. If RB do I go Mccoy or Gordon.



You’re not crazy for wanting Gordon over McCoy. If you trust the offensive situation with the Chargers more than the Bills, go for it.

Couldn’t tell from message but if it’s PPR I’d go Julio in a heartbeat. Teaming him up with OBJ is a major difference maker. If it’s standard I’d go with McCoy/Gordon. And 1/2 PPR it’s a coin flip


I failed to mention but it is standard scoring. Thank you for the input.


I would still stick with McCoy. The talent and volume is there. He is a little high risk but I think he has much higher upside than Gordan. If McCoy stays in Buffalo he is essentially there best receiver so he will be catching a lot of passes. Even if he is traded he has the talent to do it anywhere as long as the head coach isn’t “Chip Kelly”.


i feel you on this. im starting to really hate the early round picks. 1 month ago, i was all about having the 4th overall pick. get me one of those top guys and get better value after the turn. now its dj or brown, and thats all i want to touch early. i want those 10-12th pick range now. so yeah i agree with your fear. one of the biggest arguments for mccoy is, oh well he will be their best receiver too. thats not a good thing when you have NO ONE to take pressure off of him with. he will be focused on so hard it will be ridiculous. think jamaal charles before injury. that was the EXACT situation he was in, it was also the exact situation that got him injured… over use. its not like mccoy is made of steel.


I also get it, I had the 1.6 and 1.9 in mine and ended up with Julio and AJ. If you have two top5 WRs and Howard/McCaffrey at RB I’d be pretty happy with that. That also lets you focus your bench on RB depth since you only need a couple of break-glass-in-case-of-emergency WRs.


Can you trade back? If so, that may be the best bet in maximizing value. I just traded 1.03 and 7.03 for 1.06 and 5.06. I’m quite happy with the 6th pick, because I that’s where my 2nd tier ends (DJ and Bell being the top tier alone). Just some food for thought.


I actually traded up already from the 1.09 to the 1.03. I wanted to make sure I could get Mccoy or Gordon and with there being some first round keepers (DJ, OBJ, Mike Evans, Freeman) I wasn’t confident either one of those guys would be available at 1.09. So now I am sitting at 1.03 and wondering if I roll the dice on Mccoy or take the safer but lower ceiling Gordon. Or just totally throw caution to the wind and grab Julio and stack him with OBJ and then go RB rounds 2 and 3. Damn fantasy football and the headache you cause!!!


I’m not so sure McCoy’s ceiling is that much higher than Gordon’s. I think Gordon has big TD upside. I see what you mean, that is quite the pickle. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.