Getting bombarded with trade offers for Cook

Honestly the trades I got were low ball, nearly offensive offers but I am terrible at counteroffers and Im looking for advice.

My Team
QB: Josh Allen
RB: D. Cook
RB: J. Taylor
WR: Godwin
WR: Chark
TE: Kelsey
FLEX: M. Brown
FLEX: J. Edelman
BENCH: A. Mattison
BENCH: Montgomery
BENCH: Z. Moss
BENCH: C. Kirk
BENCH: Joe Burrow
BENCH: Gesicki

QB: Lamar
RB: Singletary
WR: Lockett
WR: Reagor
TE: Cook
FLEX: M. Gordon
FLEX: R. Jones
BENCH: Mahomes (actively looking to trade)
BENCH: AJ Dillon
BENCH: JK Dobbins
BENCH: K. Johnson
BENCH: Ceedee Lamb
BENCH: Golden Tate

QB: Big Ben
RB: Bell
RB: Fournette
WR: Julio
WR: Michael Thomas
TE: Hunter Henry
FLEX: K. Allen
FLEX: Juju
BENCH: D. Swift
BENCH: James White
BENCH: Jarvis
BENCH: S. Shepard
BENCH: Eric Ebron
BENCH: Cam Newton


Cook is you best player, Team #2 would need to give up one of their best players Thomas or Julio.

If you can get Mahomes, that would be nice, but i wouldn’t go for just Mahomes. Maybe Mahomes + Singletary; that might be too much to ask for. But then maybe you actually get Mahomes + R Jones

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I could see Cook + Mattison + Kirk for Mahomes + JK Dobbins, then moving Josh Allen for a WR. Depends on how much he likes JK, which could be a lot if he has Lamar, but that’s not horrible. Especially in a 1QB league. Or Cook + Kirk for Lamb + JK/RoJo.

I could also see Cook + Kirk for MT + Swift / James White. You can play up the uncertainty of DET backfield and the ascent of Kirk getting more looks as players focus on Hopkins.

Both of your asks are including high end rookies, but perhaps the allure of getting Cook offsets the need in their mind? Perhaps the Mahomes team can be convinced Cook puts the in the running for the championship? Whatever you do, I’d start strong but not insulting and then you can shift down from there. If they are sending lowball, you can counter with a higher end and work from there.

In the end I’m personally moving off of Cook, and (in order) would love landing Mahomes / JK / Lamb / Swift plus something else in return. I think straight up is not quite enough for Cook, but a second piece could be too much to ask and since you’d need to drop someone for your roster space, adding them in gives more sugar to the deal.

My two cents. I hope it helps!

Right now I’d sit on it, and let week 1 play out. Pre season redraft trades become really difficult without a major news event. If you were happy with the team you drafted, there is no need to force a trade

Thanks for all the input everyone!

I ended up trading away Cook and Marquise Brown for Mahomes, Kerryon, Ronald Jones, and Ceedee Lamb.