Getting Dynasty League-mates to Trade Before Free Agency?

Hi all,

2019 was my first time playing in a dynasty league. I joined a 10-team, 0.5 PPR league in which six teams made the playoffs (top-two got byes in the first round). I finished fourth in the regular season and then won the third-place matchup after losing in the semifinals.

My roster below is as follows…

QBs: Deshaun Watson, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton
RBs: Aaron Jones, Mark Ingram, Austin Ekeler, Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, Justin Jackson, Deandre Washington
WRs: Deandre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Marvin Jones, Brandin Cooks, Alshon Jeffery, Anthony Miller, Cole Beasley, Dede Westbrook, Phillip Dorsett
TEs: Jared Cook, Jacob Hollister, Chris Herndon
Taxi Squad: Miles Boykin, Trey Quinn, Scottie Miller, Jace Sternberger

I’ve been trying to trade away Ingram and Jeffery to teams that were in the playoffs for rookie draft capital, ideally this year (just because I think this year’s draft class seems to be pretty strong). For context, our draft is four rounds deep. I have all my own draft picks (Nos. 8, 18, 28, and 38) and an extra fourth I got in a trade (No. 31).

I gained some traction on Jeffery deals for mid- to late-second round picks (one team had both Nos. 11 and 17, and the other had No. 20), but both managers wanted to hold off and wait to see what happens with the real life draft.

My concern with waiting that long is that Jeffery will either get traded or cut or there will be negative news about his injury. I want to move off of him badly because his injury is a lisfranc one and that seems pretty serious, he’s aging, and because he could be on a new team next year.

How do I get my league-mates to want to act now, before the NFL’s free agency and real draft? Every league-mate I’ve reached out to thus far has either not responded, shut me down completely, or said they have interest in making a deal later. What do I do to get a deal done sooner rather than later?

Thanks for the help, everybody!

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If people aren’t willing to trade, I’m not sure how you can force a trade. In my dynasty league, we have already had 20 trades this offseason, with most of them including picks for the upcoming draft. I would think that now is a good time to trade since rookie picks are always getting moved. Like in my league, it’s 10 team and 4 round rookie draft, and only 16 draft picks are still with its original team

I don’t know that you can make anyone trade. I find that my leagues aren’t active till after the NFL draft. One thing you can try is to ask people what rookies they are looking/hoping for. Then use that info if they miss or change plans. Use the veteran that is comparable in position and situation. I rarely enter any conversation as a trade negotiation. I start talking fantasy with a league mate then we usually get to a point where we talk about who/what is available on each other teams and go from there to make a deal.

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Sadly you cannot make anyone trade, and most are waiting if they have not moved already. That said, you can talk about how disappointing the combine was. There were some well below average numbers out there which i think is due to them switching up the time of things. Primetime was stupid IMHO.

You can also talk about how wide the class is but not really deep. Beyond the top maybe 8 RB/WR rookies there is not a tonne of difference between the next 22 players. And WR specifically, there are not seemingly many true studs out there. Yes there will be some and some surprises, but I am seeing more an abundance of WR2/3 out there. That is awesome, but many people are acting like this year there will be complete overhauls of the top 12 per position. I am not sure I see that, but I see strong pieces.

Talk up how most teams look like they are focused on offensive lines / QB for the future despite the breadth of players.

Not sure any of this moves the motivation, but those are perhaps some talking points to try and motivate people. Maybe this helps?

But in the end, you cannot really force anything to happen.