Getting rid of Carson

My WRs are Hopkins Diggs Gordon Watkins MeCole and Scary Terry
RBs are Chubb Fournette Carson and Sanders

I’m thinking of offering a trade of Carson and Watkins for OBJ or Carson for Mack

Other players I might try getting are Connor and Gurley but I’m worried Gurley may not be a good player to target atm

I’m gonna be 0-3 and I’m tired of Carson fumbling so much

I mean you are trading a guy that has a downward trend the last 2 weeks, so you can’t really expect to get a stud. I would say trying to get Connor or Gurley is reasonable, if I had one of those guys I would want another solid player with Carson. I highly doubt you can get Mack for Carson straight up, Mack has been pretty solid this year.


From the players I listed who would u add with Carson for Connor or Gurley? Would Watkins be a good addition?

Carson is at serious risk of losing his job based on the fumbling issues. I personally would not touch him unless he came very cheaply. It is a good buy low opportunity, but one with considerable risk tied to it. He has some value now…but much less than he had a week ago. I would temper my expectations on much of a return. Like the above poster commented…if you covet Gurley or Connor more, then give that a shot straight up and see if that owner wants a change of scenery.

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I would think Sanders or McLaurin might do it. Both have upsides that I personally if I was trading away the “better player” would want. Just depends who you are trading with and what they prefer. You could always start with a straight up 1 for 1 and let them counter.

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Between Gurley and Connor is there one you prefer over the other?

I would personally prefer Mack over both…but out of those 2 probably Gurley. It’s a better offense and hes still getting 15 carries a game, just no catches which worries me and hurts in ppr and .5 ppr. I’ve been low on Conner since the offseason, I think he was good just because defenses had to worry about Juju and AB and Ben, and now he’s the focus and is getting shut down.

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I too prefer Gurley based on the team around him. Despite what he has done so far, there should be more scoring opportunities in that offense.

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Sanders and Carson for Mack? Or am I giving up too little? If that’s not good what player along with Carson makes sense?

Would u also try Carson for Gurley then if he doesn’t take it just offer Sanders or McLaurin? @almona

Don’t think you are giving up too little at all. You are giving away the upside of Sanders. I would probably try straight up and see what they say, if they want more then you can add Sanders or McLaurin. If he would do Hardman I would do that, because I think in a couple weeks he’s not going to be real fantasy relevant once Hill comes back.


And if he doesn’t take that I should pivot to Gurley and offer about the same? 1 for 1, then add Sanders/McLaurin/MeCole

It’s whoever you value more. I personally think Mack is the more reliable back right now so that is who I would target (but that means the price might be higher), but that is just my opinion I am by no means and fantasy expert.

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Thanks for the help and advice I really appreciate it, I’m worried rn I’m about to be 0-3 and it’s the first time for me generally I’d be at the top right now but just trying to improve so I could slowly make my way back in

Would you go after Engram? I already have Andrews but could offer Carson to him because he just lost Barkley and maybe flip Engram it Andrews with another player to upgrade? @sdatkins @almona