Getting Sanders and Keelan Cole for Sony Michele and Corey Davis

I am having serious WR issues with Doug Baldwin hurt. Currently 0-2. I am in a .5 ppr league. I have great RB depth. I have Dalvin Cook, Christian Mccaferey, Alex Collins, Giovanni Bernhard, Rex burkhead, Sony Michele and Bilal Powell.

My WR core is Doug Baldwin, Corey Davis, Tedd Ginn, Geranimo Allison and Chris Godwin.

This is tough for me because I really belive that Sony Michelle will take over the RB role in New England. I like Sanders but I feel like WR can be found on waivers.

Is it worth risking my RB depth to get Sanders and Cole? I would probably drop Godwin.


Given the situation, yea it’s worth it. Still, giving up Davis to get Sanders isn’t moving the needle as much as you probably need.

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