Getting that trading itch

Going to the rookie with 1.01,2.01, 2.03.
I’m not In Love with my qbs. Would it be foolish to take Lawrence at 1.01 or stick with grabbing an rb and hope he falls to 2.01 or I’ve also been offered a trade of 1.05 + 1.11 for my 1.01. Which i could hope he falls to 1.11 and still grab a rb at 1.05
I’m trying to figure what to do. Thoughts?
My Team below( .5ppr 1qb)

Qb: Jones, Tua, Hill
Rb: Zeke, Gurley, Wilson, K.Johnson, Bowden, D.Evans
Wr: Golladay, Woods, Saunders, Crowder, Gage, Gallup, Lamb, Renfrow , Harmon
Te: Kittle, Jarwin, Kmet

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IMHO it’s not a bad move to get TLaw at 1.01 even in a 1QB league. He could (nothing is for sure) helm your squad for the next 15 years. That’s a nice bit of comfort when compared against the lifespan of a RB. That said, I would be surprised if you needed to. That 1.01 for 1.05+1.11 looks appealing. I’d still use 1.05 on TLaw, but you get a free 1.11 out of it. Yes, TLaw might be gone before your 1.05 but then you have another stud on the board. It’s sort of a smash win for you IMHO.

I know many folks are super high on Harris. I am as well. But I’m not sure how much better he is than other RBs either in the league or coming in. I have him at the top, but I’m not sure he’s immediately a top 10 RB like many are guessing. I only mention this because if you move back, getting TLaw is probably the better pick at that spot and then grab a RB if you want at 1.11/2.01 depending on the board. I’m not sure you are losing that much value from Harris.

Alternately, see if you can shop your 1.01 for existing players that you already have NFL tape on to review. While that’s no promise of future returns, you might be able to solve your issues with a known commodity plus a little juice on top.

All that said, I’d make the trade (picks or players) as I think that helps your team out better than just the 1.01 could. My two cents but hopefully they help!

I would lean towards getting a RB with the 1.01. But if you are feeling good on Lawrence going forward, I’d do that trade to get the 1.05 and 1.11 depending on the QB situation of the teams drafting ahead of you.

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Do NOT take a QB at 1.01 in 1QB league, ever. You will potentially be able to get TLAW or Fields at the 2.01. Your choice RB or Chase at the 1.01, no matter what.

If this is a SF league, I believe you can still grab a QB at the 1.05 if you really wanted to complete the original trade. But your best play is 1.01 if you can’t trade down, even if it’s for the 1.02+2.02. Accumulate if you aren’t totally satisfied with TLAW at the 1.

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I’m not sure I agree fully with never do that in a 1QB league, but as I said there is no need. I was noting that you want your 1.01 to matter. In this class TLaw is as high a likelihood or more than all the other players to hit and produce for years. It is not entirely a bad move, just not necessary. The rest of my comment was what I thought to be better solutions if you didn’t know who to get or necessarily even want the 1.01. I noted one could probably trade back pretty easily and still grab TLaw plus. I do agree that moving back and getting more assets is a strong play.

You are right in SF that 1.05 is the last probably safe spot to get a good QB this year. Anyone can surprise of course, but that should put you with one of the to 3-4 options at QB.