Getting Value for Engram

8 team 0.5ppr league. Looking to flip Engram to gain some WR depth, now that Tate is back and the schedule starts looking rough.

Would you trade him for Will Dissly plus Mike Williams or Courtland Sutton?

If your answer was yes for Sutton, does your answer change if you also have Emmanuel Sanders on your roster? I know there are muted rumours of Sanders getting traded, but I think it’s a bit early to trade based on that. And it feels gross having two WR’s from the same team on the roster - worse still when they share Flacco as their QB…

Nope. Engram is the #1 TE right now I think. You should get way more than a decent TE and a flex WR.

Yeah he’s #1 in our scoring right now, but I don’t think he sustains close to that ROS. I’ve gone looking for more value than that and not got it done (Kittle + Marquise Brown an example). I think the guys in my league, like me, see the schedule and that Tate’s back and aren’t keen.

I think you are hurting your team trading him away for a middle of the road TE and a WR who probably won’t even start for you half the time. For me to trade a Top 5 TE (you are right he’s probably not TE 1, but he is still top 5) I need someone who I am going to play every week.

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I did miss one important point to be fair - we have 3 starting WR’s plus the flex in our league. So that may make a difference.

nah, still agree with the other guys. I don’t know who is on waivers, but in 8 team there should be a bunch.