Getting value for Tony Pollard

0.5 PPR

Looking to move pollard to the Zeke owner to get some value before Zeke signs.

current roster:


RB:DJ, Conner, Miles Sanders, Darwin, Pollard

WR:Thielen, Woods, Diggs, Godwin, Allison, MVS

Have an offer on the table from the Zeke owner:
my Sanders+Pollard for his Josh Jacobs. Is that enough value?

Yep if he would do that I’d pull the trigger immediately. Pollard is really talented but he’s just never gonna get an opportunity behind Zeke, it’ll frustrate the hell out of you.

Plus you already have Darwin as a better bet to break out.

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Ya I think that’s a great offer and very fair. And being able to start DJ, Conner AND Jacobs… damn.

That’s a great looking team - how many teams were in this draft??

Its a 10 man league, but a couple league mates decided to get cute with their drafts and my WR depth fell to me very late.
Diggs in the 5th, and Godwin in the 6th was very unexpected

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I’m not a big fan of sanders and love jacobs so in a vacuum, that looks like an easy accept. But if you’re a sanders believer as most people are, they would view sanders to jacobs as lateral move.

So would ask you consider this. Holding on pollard to see if Zeke signs. If Zeke doesn’t sign and Pollard plays week 1, we know DAL has a weak schedule early. The upside of Pollard in that is pretty huge. At that point, there’s no telling what the zeke owner would be willing to pay. You could potentially use Pollard + Sanders to get an even better RB than Jacobs. Is it risky? Yes. But the upside and payoff on it is huge.

Or imgaine a scenario where zeke doesn’t sign period, then you’re sitting on 4 RB2+. Those types of moves win leagues. So the Jacobs trade although great, isn’t really a leage winning move and in redrafts, i think you have to swing for fences with those late round darts rather than cash out for minimal gains.

Dynasty is a totally diff story.

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Some good points here. I’m a Sanders believer, but I don’t see him having an impact until after week 6-7, while Jacobs will contribute immediately.

Sold early on Conner last year for less than I should have, so waiting is certainly an option

If you’re a sanders believer, I would hold even more. Cause you don’t need him to start right away given your line up. But if you truly believe in sanders like truthers do, you’d expect him to put up better numbers than jacobs late in the season.

This is why I said hold Pollard. News out that suggests Jones expects Zeke to holdout for first 6 weeks. Now go try and sell Pollard to owner and see what he gives up :stuck_out_tongue:


With the new of a potential 6 week holdout, this does make Pollard MUCH more of a value. I’ll be curious to know the range of value we’d try and get.

I’m thinking Pollard will have much more value before week one (assuming Zeke doesn’t sign). Everyone is drawing parallels to last year’s Bell/Conner. I’m sure Dallas will use him and he will have value. I do not believe that he will be the next (john) Conner. If he doesn’t have a great showing in week one, his stock will drop off.

Dallas has a lot of weapons and they might go with a RBBC just to spite Zeke

The article I read gave no quote from Jones of 6 weeks, in fact it was using the quotes from yesterday that said dog days and then the author said 6 weeks. It might be right but I haven’t saw anything other than an article inventing the time frame

There is very little to suggest what you’re saying. Pollard has been in on 100% of the first team snaps in pre-season and my promoting of Pollard isn’t just to do with Zeke hold out. I actually think he’s a talented runner from my evaluation of his college and pre season film. He has the size and athleticism and receiving ability to be a 3 down back.

Not to mention DAL has a cake schedule to start the season so running behind that line, it’s more than likely Pollard proves to have a great showing in week 1.

I take your point. He is a very talented rb. No doubt. Does he have everything to be a 3 down back, absolutely. He has been great in the preseason.

I’m going to make a few points for conversation and not to be combative:

-J Jones is very intelligent, strategic, and purposeful: his usage of Pollard in the preseason could be for multiple reasons. Show Zeke “we have your replacement and hes awesome”, get him some NFL experience, it could be a stalking horse too… the man is impressive.

-College is college, preseason is preseason, the NFL regular season is something else altogether.

-There have been a lot of promising players from college that dont live up to their potential

I think he will be the lead back and I hope he has a monster first game.

I have to agree with Mike on this one. If you look at how the Cowboys like to run the ball I believe Pollard will get enough work to be relevant from the beginning. His schedule plus the offensive line that opens holes big enough for semis to drive through is all you need for a player to have some large upside. I’d hold Pollard as long as possible or get maximal value for him.

I like Jacobs a lot and he’s on my team so if you traded Pollard for him I think that would be solid but I’d look at who you add with Pollard because you’re giving up a RB2 with high RB1 upside if Zeke doesn’t play.

  • I can actually buy your 1st point about them playing Pollard to make a point. My counter to that would be why can’t they do that in week1? If you recall, the steelers basically did the same with Conner by feeding him like a monster in week 1 against the browns to show Bell much of the same.

  • I can never get behind the college and preseason and NFL is NFL. At the end of the day, this is all we have to evaluate players off of until they play a regular season game. By that same logic, you could make argument to fade Zeke before his first NFL game. Or barkley before he played last year. Talent is talent and talent jumps off the screen. Not saying Pollard is even remotely on the same level as Zeke or Barkley but if you watch the college film and watch the pre season, the dude showed up and balled the fk out. No denying that. ANd it’s not like he’s playing against backups. He did it against opposing teams starters who he will also be facing in the regular season. Team’s may not reveal their scheme but the players are the same. He is doing it on elite nfl competition.

  • Sure any college player can bust. But any NFL player can also bust year over year. That’s the beauty of the game. But downplaying a players success by using the not all college players make it argument as a blanket one I feel might be a bit of a reach.

That’s fair. I think we’ve sufficiently beaten this dead horse. Would you agree?

Back to the topic at hand, with the recent “development” and discussions, where would you value Pollard? At equivalent or greater value than Jacobs?

@OP sorry for hijacking your thread. Clearly some of us have had a very flexible schedule today.

No apology needed. Was looking for a discussion and got a good one.

Going to hold Pollard until at least the end of week 1 and see where things go

And my new team name has come out of this situation too:

Along Came Pollard

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100% way lesser value than jacobs. I love Jacobs. He’s a locked in starter who will return you RB2 value season long. No one in their right mind should give up for Jacobs 1 to 1.

Right now, i would value Pollard as less than Ekeler basically. He has a very similar skillset and might provide more value without zeke but provides little to no value once Zeke comes back.