Getting Watson; trading Jordan Howar/Cousins

I currently have:
QB; Cousins
RB; Leveon, Fournette, Jordan Howard, Cohen, Frank Gore
WR: Fitzgerald, Amari, Theilen, Corey Davis, JuJu
TE: Engram; Jack doyle

Would you trade Cousins/Horawd for Watson? Essentially I see it as a big upgrade to cousins and im not losing much at flex…

EDIT* im 4-4 currently in the last playoff spot



Considering Watson can single handedly carry a team, I would lean yes.

Losing Howard would suck but you have enough depth to be fine.

I’d do it.

thats my thinking as well, thanks for chiming in!

watson torn ACL dont do it

Poor guy I bet you already accepted :frowning:

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t do it!

I bet that will be a common thread, this has been a busy week of Watson movement and you know someone traded for him right before the news hit…

Absolutely haha

This is a sad thread right here.

Aaaand I accepted about 45 mins before he tore his ACL. Brings up another subject, what is the etiquette on something like this? Should the trade go through normal voting or comish veto?

Trade stands. Bad luck stinks.

Could technically still get vetoed in the voting period though, if there is a fantasy god

Ask all of your members to veto it. That is extremely sad