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Giants Backfield


Will Jonathan Stewart start game 1, or more? There is a lot of hype on the Saquan train right now, but given the amount of money and the veteran status of Jonathan Stewart, could this be a situation like Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre? (where the Giants more or less bench Saquan a year in order to teach him the NFL system)


I like the thought process. Not just accepting info at face value. But I think Saquan is the starter Week 1.

Stewart will spell him act as a mentor and provide depth.


Saquon will have 20+ touches week 1, Stewart is not even a draftable handcuff in a redraft league


I would not personally be drafting hancuffs in redraft. I would draft good running backs without starting jobs.


ok lol then i dont consider stewart to be a good running back without a starting job

we said the same thing lol


Just playing some Devil’s Advocate for the sake of digging into this a little:

Saquan = 7.8M/year
Jonathan Stewart= 3.6M/year

OBJ= 8.4M this year
Sheppard= 990k this year
Engram= 952k this year

Last year the Giants ran 64 plays per game, averaging 39 pass attempts and 25 rushing attempts. “Following the money”, it looks like they want to give J-stew 7-8 rushes and 2 passes per game, right?

IMO that means Stewart could be a decent streamer, or good late round/ $1-buy in Auction leagues.


there a much better running backs who are back ups that will get a larger share in their offense.

Stewart MAY get 3-5 carries a game and probaly wont get more than 10 targets all season. Wayne Gallman will be used some as well.


I have Stewart on a dynasty roster. Strictly in case of saquon injury. His talent is still there.


Saquan will start game one, no question. RB is not like QB, don’t need to sit a year to learn the system. Fournette, Hunt, Zeke all started day 1. You don’t draft a RB #2 overall to sit him behind a 31 year old Jonathan Stewart.


Preach @FantasyFootballDad


Wont sit behind, but might be a vulture for him. They brought jstew in for a reason, and it might be goalline back. All in all, Barkley will start, and get plenty of work for his style of play. It’s worth noting in your head, but not worth changing barkley’s draft tier.


Stewart got paid because the GM was also from Carolina and wanted his guy in the mix. RBs do not need to learn the system as much as a QB does and can rely mostly on athleticism.


Not too worried about him being a vulture either. Stewart might get a couple here and there, but Saquan is 6’ 233lbs and Stewart is 5’10" 235lbs, so it is not like he is a bigger and stronger back than Saquan. I think they brought him in to be a good veteran presence and to add some depth as their backfield was awful last year.


bigger and stronger isnt why. its j stews type of roll. which naturally steals TDs. barkley can be an all around back, but he is still a rookie, and they just might try to zeke this thing. every third drive its jstew. besides, 2 inches shorter and 2 pounds heavier tell a tale of someone who can get lower and pound. that sounds like a goalline back to me. like a tolbert. but either way, it doesnt effect barkleys value. it just may piss people off from time to time.


Most valid points have already been made, but does anyone else on the Giant’s usage matter if Barkley gets 20 touches per game? I mean to say I wouldn’t use this as a downside for Barkley.

If you were looking to draft Stewart this becomes relevant, and in that case 10 touches a game with the chance of being a bell cow on the Giants offense is worth a roster spot for me. Personally I’d take Ware or Kelly before Stewart.


From a Panthers fan who watched nearly every snap he ever took, including every one last year, please believe me when I say this: no, it is not.


John Kelly, right? For a second I thought you meant Fat Rob. Lol.


Hahahaha no sir, not McRaidyourfridge. Gurley’s hand-cuff John Kelly.