Giants vs Sanchez, anyone?

They’ve actually been a pretty solid defense the past four weeks, making several INTERCEPTIONS. Guess who they face off against sunday… Sanchez. I know it risky but man, I’m seriously considering it lol.

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Old Butt Fumble may be the key to having a good week with a DST.

Not that many options above them for me to be honest i think they are a very good play this week. I’d maybe start the Steelers and Chargers over them then they are right there with the Broncos and Jags for me as a top 5 play this week.

I currently have the Steelers for this week. Oakland actually looked pretty solid as an offense last week though. Having a tough time deciding between the two. Logic says steelers, but i cant escape this urge to roll with the Giants.

I see the thought process, I think last week was a product of KC’s defense failing to turn up. I’m sure a pissed off Steelers team rolling into town fresh from that close loss in a playoff hunt will be a different story for the Raiders you have to think!

I think they could end up closer than people expect though for sure, I mean Sanchez hardly knows the playbook! I look at it more of do you trust the Giants offense to score on Washington and force Sanchez to throw? If they can do that they should have a nice fantasy day on D, if not it’ll probably just be a 6-9 point outing. Steelers will 100% put points up on Oakland and be able to force Carr into some sacks and mistakes so no worries there.

I actually think the Giants win this game, they are having a bad year overall but they seem to want to play and cause havoc by beating other teams especially in division looking for a playoff berth. They haven’t quit like last year on either side of the ball, with OBJ and Barkley they can beat Washington IMO. As you said before in another post last few weeks this D has been really good for fantasy purposes


Thank you. So you’re saying both are good options, but if you were me, you’d roll with the Steelers?

Picking up the Giants kicker. He’s on fire like Robbie Gould last year. Their D is probably ok. I agree though, seems like the Giants still want to play the game for some reason.

As much as i would love to play the Giants and have them go off in my lineup as you have the Steelers who should be a locked in top 5 play this week i would go with them. Giants could do it but Steelers are the safer play i feel.

Same here grabbed him this week, they move the ball enough for him to get shots and seems to have the leg to go from 55-60 could be a sneaky league winning type of kicker if they keep it up.

I just grabbed Buckner. Same logic: he doesn’t miss, the offense moves the ball but they’re playing a tough def this week. Hoping they drive within FG range often but Bal holds their ground.