Gibson. 12 man ppr. Draft is tomorrow

When should I target Gibson in a 12 man full PPR mock?

I got him late in the 7th rd (7.08) and I was happy about it. His ADP in the UDK is 7.09, so that’s about right on target in my opinion.

Dang ok. I’m goin to reach then. My pull him at the 6th. it’s a risk but i think that’ll be my best option. 5 keeper league, i wont be able to pick until the 6th.

Yeah, fwiw I’m in a redraft, 12-team full ppr w/ 2 of each FLEX/WR/RB so I was honestly a little surprised I got him when I did. Good luck!

I had a draft today where I actually got him in the 15th… talk about a steal… I didn’t even need anymore backs, but I couldn’t resist any longer.

Typically I’ve seen him go 8-9th in 12 man PPR

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Oh dang nice snag, that’s wild.

I have the 7.12. Thats a little to close for me. But I think I may have chance at Dobbins or Akers in the 6th.

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I was getting him 8/9 and drafted him 8.10

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I have Hunt/Dobbins/Akers for the 6th…I"ll have to hope that GIbson is still there in the 7th when I draft. I think the 6th is just way too high.

I agree. I do a lot of Best ball, just got him again in 9. if you really want him try for the 8th, or late 7 if that’s where your draft spot it

Update…I reached for Dobbins in the 6th because i knew he wouldn’t bethere at 7.12. I got Boyd at 7.12 and Gibson at 8.1. Right after the draft Dobbins began to get the hype in camp. I’m stoked. I just need one of them to hit and I’m set. I also stashed Dillon. Next season season on paper i could have 5 Starting RBs. A. Jones(after he moves on), Dillon, Jacobs, Gibson, and Dobbins.

Just in time Gibson hype !!!

Yea Man! i was hyped yesterday morning. LET’S GO!!!

He could be a league winner for you since you got him in the 15th rd.

I hope! It’s best ball so anything can happen