Gibson and woods for J. Williams and Carson

I got offered javonte Williams and Carson for Gibson and Robert woods. In a 10 team full ppr league. What should I do? Thanks

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I would keep Gibson and Woods personally but somewhat depends on your team needs

Gibson is my rb 2 and I have mckissick on my bench. I have Dionte Johnson and Chris Godwin. Woods is my flex. What if it was just for Gibson for Williams

I would prefer Gibson over Williams. Williams has looked good but is still splitting work. Gibson has the injury concern but you know he is getting all the work there

It’s a keeper dynasty so I gotta keep that in mind too

Definitely not. There is talk that Carson might not play again in the NFL. I think his neck injury could be quite serious. I love that dude and am crushed to even hear it talked about, but I’d stay off him until clarity on that injury.

Gibson is also splitting the work with 2 other guys…