Gibson for Robinson?

Half PPR. Should I trade Antonio Gibson, DJ Moore, and Michael Pittman for James Robinson, Diontae Johnson, and Keenan Allen?


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Oof that’s a tough one. Both sides are pretty even in my opinion. Depends on what you need on your team. You would be giving away the higher ceiling, but receiving a pretty solid floor. I think I would rather keep your players just because of the explosions that DJ and Pittman can produce. Again though, depends on which type of players you think would compliment the rest of your squad better.

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How do you feel about Gibson’s shin issue?

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I can’t really gauge how serious Gibson’s injury is but removing that from the equation I wouldn’t do this cause DJ moore is the best player in this trade.

Diontae and Keenan aren’t slouches. I think that side has the better deal. DJ is great but inconsistent, Gibby has a persistent shin issue and Pittman doesn’t pull in the tds like the others (minus last week)

Definitely would make that trade. Robinson is much better than Gibson fantasy wise, healthy, and has a full workload.

Moore and Johnson are even but with Smith Schuster out, Johnson has great volume.

K Allen has been a good 2nd half season pick up the last couple years and now Mike Williams is banged up.

I would do it for sure.