Gibson for Stafford

Have no QB and all the people in this league roster 2 so the waivers are thin. Right now I have Wentz and Ryan on my roster. Thinking about trading Gibson for Stafford because I have Zeke, Henderson & Patterson. Think it is worth it or should I hang onto Gibson to keep depth at RB?

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adjusted offer to Gibson, Ryan and Julio for Stafford Woods and Knox (need a TE in a couple weeks when Kelce goes on bye)


Yeah, the problem is that Gibson’s value is low right now. Wentz & Ryan are serviceable QBs. I’d wait for Gibson to have a good game before I traded him. But, it’s not like it’s a terrible trade either.


yeah honestly I have just had the worst luck with streaming QBs and am just sick of doing it so trying to land someone I can plug in and not worry about.

What kind of league are you in? Standard, Half, or Full PPR?

its a 10 team full PPR.
RBs are above and WRs are Kennan, AB, Sutton, Julio, Pittman, Toney

I feel like a pretty fair trade on both sides. If you want to have to stream less I’d go for the trade. I don’t think you’re losing that much depth with the trade. Do you value Gibson ROS? I think Zeke, Henderson, Patterson are a pretty good lineup.

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have trouble trusting Gibson with the injury and not great offense. Especially since he hasnt gotten the pass game work. I figure between those three RBs I should be able to fill out 2 spots plus a flex each week and have lots of options a WR.

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I typed this to the initial post and believe it, so I’ll leave it. Your updated trade thoughts will follow this section.

IMHO I’m holding RB depth. Now, Gibson is injured but playing through it (fractured shin bone…really?) so he could go down for a long time if things go wrong. That said, Zeke feels like Pollard could step into a larger role at any moment and while I love the Patterson story, he’s helping out a team of mine for sure, he’s punching above his weight. I’d hate to have you move a decent to better RB and have the wheels come off. I suppose your QB room would improve, but since you have two already I would be inclined to stay put.

All that said, I do not think the trade is a bad one. I’d just hold for now and pray for Gibson’s health.


Now we’re talking. I like this trade for you. All the above still applies, but I like the LAR stack and I’m a believer in Knox. I just traded for him last night as part of a bigger deal. I think Julio is probably not living his best life now with TEN. I personally believe Ryan improves but I’m a Stafford guy so I’d choose him regardless. I like the package you get better than what you give up, even though Gibson is a tough one to let go of. I’d take the updated trade. It’s not a smash accept but based on what you’ve said it will help out your team on a wider basis.

So he is saying he doesn’t want Gibson and wants Henderson or Patterson. I told him Henderson is virtually untouchable, especially for just a qb and woods.

Newly revised offer could be I give up Henderson AB and Matt Ryan
Receiver Stafford tyreek and Knox

Hate trading Henderson and somewhat concerned to have kelce and hill together. Thoughts? Are they good enough where that’s not a concern?


I’m not typically one for stacking skill players, but I do not think those are a concern. Despite KC not looking so sharp this season, those two are his biggest targets. I cannot really see much of an issue for having them both on your team. It’s tough to move Henderson, but you are getting the better side of the deal.

Obviously every trade is risky, but I’d feel okay with this one.

Not that I completely buy into trade calculators as I think value is more subjective, but I do check to see if I am way off versus consensus. Looking at KeepTradeCut you are smashing it.

I agree it sucks to trade Henderson but i feel like you’re getting the better side of that deal. I think mahomes will have better games, which should help both players. You’ll still have Knox backup in the worst case scenario. I’d be getting rid of ab just cause injury concerns. I think you said before you had decent rb depth so I’d be willing

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I would make that trade