Gibson or Mixon Full PPR

Am I mad for second guessing myself, I have Gibson and pretty sure I could get Mixon as a straight swap.

Still intrigued by Gibson’s schedule down the road, if he ups his touches he could be better than Mixon?

Gibson is crazy talented, if they let him be the number one guy I could see him having a better year than Mixon. Wa also has an easier schedule which helps the case for Gibson quite a bit.
The bengals havent won a game yet this year, and I think Mixons lack of involvement is a big reason why.

Really need the receptions to pick up, getting Gibson in space would be a much better use of his skillset and athleticism.

Agree on Mixon, the Mixon manager did toy with the idea for taking Lamb for Mixon last week so might float that again. Can never have too many RBs in a 14 teamer!

He also has Taylor and no solid WRs so may try Gibson and Lamb for Taylor just on the off chance i can upgrade and get away from WAS players.