Gibson, Robinson 4 swift, boyd

I can trade away Gibson and Allen Robinson for D swift and Tyler boyd… what do all of you think? Do I make out better the rest of the season with this trade?

I’m really curious on peoples take on this. Gibson has really come on recently, but I think Swift might be better ROS. I’m pretty sure I would want Boyd over Robinson, but that’s a hard call too. Foles is hurt and Nagy is still Nagy. I think I’d do the deal.

I tried McKinnen+DJ Moore for Swift and was rejected. Trying to decide if I wanted to go back with Gibson+WR and couldn’t decide.

That’s hard to say. I like Gibson better than Swift ROS but I’m biased as I’m more partial to Gibson becoming a better back in general. Swift is great but the Lions are known for doing dumb things like taking away carries from their top RBs. Robinson and Boyd are a wash but I like Robinson’s chances to get the volume in good matchups better. Really depends on how much you want Swift but I’d keep Robinson over Boyd.