Gibson trade advice

So on my redraft league I have Gibson on my bench. My other Running backs are zeke, josh jacobs, McKinnon, Singletary, and dobbins. I was just asked about if Gibson was up for trade. Which of course he is. Now my question is what should Gibson be worth? I’m needing receiver help Gallup? Hopkins? Kittle?

Gibson has been solid, but the problem is you are probably one more week away from his true value. He just had a big week and is being used a ton. I think, right now, you can probably only get Gallup and another piece. If he has another big week, at least 15pts, then I think you could get Kittle or Hopkins (might have to package a minor WR).

So he replied with Hopkins and Kittle for zeke

Accept that trade immediately!

Zeke for Hopkins and Kittle is huge value in your favor!

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Agree with @recespieces31.

If you want to trade Gibson he’s worth more than Gallup.