Gibson Trade Question

0.5 ppr league
Team is weak at RB with my RB 2 being a combo of David Montgomery/Jordan Howard/Chris Thompson.

Was offered Gibson for Montgomery. Yay or nay?

With uncertainty about Montgomery’s injury and Gibson’s upside I would. Gibson is talented. If you want safe floor though Monty is the way to go. I’m just down on Montgomery this year though and high Gibson personally.

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I agree, good deal to make. While I think Montgomery will be a flex option, he won’t be playing for a couple weeks and Gibson could be the main guy

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I would feel more comfortable if we heard rivera or someone with the WFT say something, but I’d probably still go Gibson for the chance to have a league winner. Monty will be solid as well, and have way more volume than gibson, but those gibson touches could be something special.

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ADP, Footballers Rankings and Fantasy Pro ECR all have Montgomery and Gibson relatively equal in value. So the trade is an equal swap of value and it’s really just about what type of player you want on your team.

If I felt like I needed my RB2 slot to outperform the opponent’s RB2 in order to win, I’d take the deal and hope Gibson hits. Worst case, Gibson sucks and you’re starting Howard or a future FA addition.

If I had Lamar Jackson and Kelce/Kittle/Andrews, I’d probably let the positional advantage at QB/TE be my path to victory, and I’d keep the safer floor option of montgomery at RB2.

I also think it’s important to keep perspective on Gibson. We was hyped as a potential league winner when we were getting him in the 12th round. But you’d effectively be giving up your 5th/6th round pick to get him. So the league-winning value over investment is long gone.