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Gilleslee and Olsen for Ty Montgomery and Ertz?


Want to cash in on Gilleslee 3 TD and feel like Montgomery could be in for a huge year. Olsen and Ertz are going in different directions. Am I giving up too much? Non PPR I get TMont and Ertz


I like it, personally.

I don’t think there’s anyway Gilleslee keeps that up. Chalk it up to getting Belichick’d and cash in, where I think the ceiling is just as high or higher for Montgomery, without the risk. Olsen for Ertz is perhaps tougher, You might try holding him and could get more value when he bounces back a bit.


I think I’d jump on that. Cam looked pretty inaccurate last week and although some backfield questions were answered in the Thursday night Pats game, it’s still a tough call to predict who is used when. Montgomery has emerged as the clear back in that powerful offense, and Ertz is clearly one of Wentz’s most trusted targets.


Also, I have Brady, so the reasoning that both Brady and MikeG having a solid game are small I feel it’s one or the other.


You aren’t giving enough up.


Trade is already good to go, ball is in my court


1/1 RB from GB for a 1/3 RB from NE easy choice.
Olsen and Ertz is a coin flip on who can really do the best for the year.


Do that right now.


Yes definitely do it


Hell ya! All day Er day!


Done, thanks clan


To make you feel even better about it, I would have said the same. I will always take the steady production of a back over a back who is dependent on positive game scripts. And te are usually coin flips anyway, so take 2 good ones and swap.


Yeah basically what @BusterD said. Sorry I been outa the loop for a while. Get Harvey’d here in Houston.