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Gillisee, Brees or Fitz


I’m in a .5 ppr keeper league. I am keeping Green, Hilton and Watkins and traded my first round pick for Demarco Murray. Would you rather take Gillisee, Fitz, or Brees in the 2nd round (I pick 2nd each round)? 2 WR, 1 RB, 1 Flex


Unless its a deeper league, Fitz would be a bit of waste since he would be on your bench or in a rotation with Watkins. You are already strong at WR.
I think as of now Gillisee is a major gamble. You either belive in him or not…yo early to have facts on how they will use him.
So as of today I would say go with Brees. In late august early september, I may change for Gillisee but not for the moment.


Im all in on gill. Imagine a blount from last year, only better. That is his outlook to me. Bill wants to save his prized possession as much as possible just like last year, which is why blount got 300 carries. How do you save your qb? Run the fuck out of thst ball. It’s hard to predict gill getting 18 tds like blount did, but i can see 12 pretty easy. And with a 1 rb situation, that’s even better . Because if i am wrong, you can still spot start him along with another option that you pick up later. Fitz is great and all, but you are stacked at WR, and qbs are a dime a dozen. I’ll stream qb before i use a high pick on one.


I am not all in on Gillibear, but…if there are no other options than these three then I will take Gilli.

Qbs aren’t enough value to take early and Fitz would rotate. Take Gilligan’s island and hope he hits huge.