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Gillislee a buy low candidate?


His he too much of a TD reliant?
I’m in desperate need of RB… Thinking about trading him for Adam Thielen
Any thought?


I was thinking about buying low on him myself, lol. I’m kinda desperate at WR and was thinking about trading Howard for Gillislee and Alshon Jeffery. I feel like in that deal im giving more than im getting in all likelihood so im waiting to offer it. I do have good depth at RB with Hunt, Howard, Kamara, Kelley, and handcuffs Char West and Perine. What would the rest of your team be like without a solid WR like Thielen, think about it that way. Pats running backs are tough to trust, and there seems to be a good waiver wire back every week too basically.


At wide I have Jordy , Adams, D. Thomas and Cooper Kupp.
My RB: Hyde, Abdullah and Kamara. (+Stashing DJ).

I think Jeffery is another good buy low candidate considering your depth at Running back.


He is a buy low candidate for sure.