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Gillislee Stock Dropping in favor of Lewis?


On the most recent update to the Patriots unofficial depth chart Dion Lewis and James White are both ahead of Mike Gillislee (and Rex Burkhead)… Do you guys think that this is a temporary thing? I know the crew are high on MG, but this development has me worried since I was planning on targeting MG. My gut tells me this is simply a hamstring flaring up and that he’ll have his job sealed up by week 1.


Bill Belichick hates your fantasy team and will do everything he can to create a headache for anyone who dares draft someone from his backfield.

That being said, if Gillislee’s stock drops enough he could potentially be a great value. Lewis is the one back that I’m least confident in on this team. If you get any NE RBs or WRs you’re going to have monster weeks and dud weeks, it’s just a matter of picking the right games to play them.