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Gillislee, Tyrek Cohen or West?


Help! I am in a 2QB, full PPR women’s league and already have Kareem Hunt. Between Gillislee, Cohen or West, who would you start? I have Adam Thielen as a flex and think I should keep him there. Anyone?


Cohen. Isn’t that why you bought him? I believe in him and think he’s carved out enough to be a solid start.


Well put. Thanks


Cohen or West. Think both would do better than Gillislee. Look at the matchups between them.


I’d be a little worried about West, sounds like Buck Allen is taking over that pass catching role, so from a PPR stand point he might be last on the list. It’d be between Cohen and Gillislee for me. Like @luckychucky141 said, it definitely seems like Cohen has carved himself a pretty solid role there, it’s just a little scary because we’ve only seen one game. Gillslee’s floor at this point seems like 40-50yards and a TD easy.


I really appreciate the insight. I was worried about West’s role as well. Thanks


Thank you. I think I’m leaning toward Cohen. Can’t be any worse than having Dalton last week right?!?