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Ginn, Theilen, Jones, Hill, or Rookie RB?


I drafted a team in a 10 team, 0.5 PPR league and had Spencer Ware and Cameron Meredith on my roster. I’m looking over who is available in FA and I can’t decide who to add to my roster. It’s between:
Adam Theilen
Ted Ginn Jr.
Marvin Jones
Alvin Kamara
Semaje Perine
Jeremy Hill
Any help would be great! Right now my starters are pretty much set. I’m more inclined to pick up a WR because I don’t have as much depth there.
Thanks in advance FootClan!


Adam Thielen or Ted Ginn Jr. would be great if you need that depth. Thielen in the slot now will provide something more reliable. But if you want an upside guy Ginn would be the choice to me.


Give me Theilen all day, I would try to stash Perine just in case as well, though Kelly has looked very good this preseason


Thielen for sure


Yep I agree. Theilen has highest chance for being a valuable pick.