Ginn to IR... Meredith or Smith?

Ted Ginn was just announced to IR. Who gets the biggest bump in value ROS? Cam Meredith or Tre’Quan Smith?

Both are probably worth rostering initially to see how it plays out

Meredith might have a better floor, but I think Smith has a much higher ceiling. But we need a bigger sample size…

Personally I would pickup Smith.

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Meredith right now, but if he fails to produce expect Smith to get a large increase in snaps, I drafted Smith in the last round of my 16 man league. Big ups for both

This is a big opportunity for one of them. Smith seems to have a much higher ceiling so that’s who I just picked up. May not pay off right away but he seems like the more talented option.

Smith would be the upside guy I agree, chances of either blowing up big this week against a tough Ravens D on the road is low so we can see the snap counts and targets and have a better idea after this week.
I’d stash smith though as the guy yo fill the Ginn deep threat role and more if Meredith doesn’t do well against the weaker Ravens slot corner

I agree with the ceiling/floor comments above. I would add a plus for Meredith here because he was signed to a 2yr/~10million contract over the summer. There may be some added volume coming his way to try and justify that off-season move

2 weeks from now, we’ll have a much clearer picture

This is a tough one, not a huge sample size. I think the safer bet is Meredith. Question for me is, is it worth dropping Kearse for one of them? Or is Kearse worth more than both?


Meredith is the play. I hate it but Payton will not give up on him. All the guy does is screw up every game but he will not let it go. Tre’Quan is the better WR. Hoping this shakes out in the coming weeks but likely not until close to the playoffs. Meredith is basically Pryor with a mild manner and good attitude. Tre’Quan is the bastard WR that will fight to the death for the ball because that is what he did in college.

I picked up Meredith on Wednesday for a minimum bid, got outbid for Kirk and I am very happy about that now, lol. You can’t go wrong with either. I didn’t put a bid in for Smith because he is a rookie, and I like that Meredith is a veteran, playing in the slot too. He should be wide open alot considering defenses have to cover so many good players at once. So pumped I got Meredith for nothing, put bids on both, a higher one on whichever you like more, just get one of them. Good luck!

Well said, follow the money. Its true in every sport. I often use that as a tie breaker for players while researching for the draft. Contract year? Bigger contract than the next guy I like? I didn’t know about the contract until now, thanks for the info!

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