Gio, RoJo,Gordon, or Coleman?

Need to start two of these guys as a RB2 and Flex. I’m leaning towards Gio for the dump
Offs and Melvin just due to it being Coleman’s first game back however we all saw Jeff Wilson’s game back before injury.

I need one as my RB2, I have Coleman, Gordon and Swift. I’d lock in Gio for RB2 then Gordon or Coleman for flex… Depends on how you think the 49ers will handle Coleman’s return.

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Yea I think Gio, Hunt, Gordon are who I am leaning with. RoJo ive been a big fan of but arians is so inconsistent with the backfield especially with Fournette healthy

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I’d be going Gio and Gordon. If you need a big upside play I think it would be Coleman over Gordon and hope Coleman is the guy this weekend like Wilson was last week