Gio vs mixon

Is Gio better!?

No. He’s good to fill in temporarily

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No lol. But he is one of the best backups in the league. Him and Coleman are guys who both takeover and become RB1/2s right away.

Mixon > him by a wide margin in terms of talent and ability though.

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No but expect Gio to eat into Mixon’s touches when he returns. He may have carved himself out some stand alone value when Mixon returns

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Agree with @nysportzguy ^^

Disagree. Maybe for the 1st week as they ease Mixon back into thngs, but through the first couple weeks, it was all mixon. They clearly want to use him in the work horse role. They know what they have in Gio. This is what he’s been since last year. When mixon went out last year, he did the same thing. He’s an every week Rb2 borderline RB1 when he gets the touches.

But Mixon is just way better from a talent perspective. Not to mention bengals had just cake matchups. Mixon would’ve probably done the same thing this week against Atlanta. Falcons have been giving up a tonne of receptions.

Once mixon returns and is fully healthy, it’s going to be his backfield again.

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Very rare to see true bell cow situations when there is a more than capable pass catching back as RB2. I know Gio was a ghost but I don’t think they return to that in an effort for season long longevity.

That would apply if Mixon wasn’t a better pass catcher than Gio lol.

Mixon is better in every facet of the game. Gio is great, but he hasn’t shown anything that coaches/people didn’t already know. Go back and watch the games from last season when mixon left with injury, exact same thing happened.

People have short memories apparently. Not sure why this would play out any differently. Like I said, maybe first 1-2 weeks to ease mixon back, but once mixon is fully healthy, going to go right back to how it was before. Mixon dominating snaps. Not going to have a Freeman/Coleman situation.

Not sure you needed such a lengthy response to beat a dead horse but yeah maybe go back to his inability to stay on the field is why I am ASSUMING that Gio will be utilized more. Look at the match up’s coming up for the Bengals, they are going to be shoot outs and GIo will have value. Players fatigue…

I’m glad to hear that because right now Howard and Conner leading my RB are killing me hahaha

I read what you said above as based on Gio somehow carving out a bigger role based on what he’s shown these past couple weeks and his talent level which is why I explained why I thought that wasn’t the case.

If you’re purely arguing that if Mixon isn’t healthy, gio gets a bigger role, then yeah, i already agreed on that point.

If Mixon is fully healthy though, Gio won’t be startable.

based on the schedule I disagree… Steelers, Cheifs, Bucs, Ravens, Browns can all be high point total games the way Vegas has been setting their betting lines on these teams they have been over the 50 point total. There is plenty of work for him to catch 5-6 balls and be of value in .5 or ppr if you need a flex.

um. week 1 Mixon got 7 targets… caught 5

gio has not caught anymore than 5 himself. So where is the need for him as a pass catcher when mixon is healthy?

When he is back I don’t think you can start Gio safely. 4 catches a game when mixon is getting 5 and 20 carries

Long-term, yes, I would not roster Gio unless I had Mixon. But I could see Gio being flexable for a couple weeks after Mixon is active again. It’s not worth the risk to give Mixon his normal workload right off the bat. The elevated risk of re-injury is just not worth it.

There are way better flex plays than someone getting <20% of the snaps. If you want to take that risk, go for it but I’m passing. In the 1st 1-2 weeks, i might consider it. Once Mixon is fully healthy, I’m going elsewhere. Hell Hines is probably a better play than Mixon long term cause that backfield is a much more even split with him dominating target share.

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At best this becomes a 75/25 split. Mixon has the role unless he’s hurt, plain and simple.