Girls and Guys league

Want to create a league thats half girls half guys to see what group can go the furthest, this will be a redraft league but if we want we can make it a keeper league(one or two keepers)…it wont be like guys vs girls normal every person for themselves top 3 get paid out… id prefer 10 ppl, 5 gals, 5 guys but we can do 12 if thats what the members would prefer, basic league type, half ppr Qb rb rb wr wr flex flex no kicker can vote on team defense…buy in somewhere btw 25-40 bucks depending on what everyone thinks…think it be a cool idea to give ladies a chance to prove their better than some guys, I commish a bunch of leagues so i have alot of commish experience if your interested email me at …please dont be a guy claiming to be a girl to get into the league lol again email me