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Give Adams & Gillislee for J. Jones?


Alright guys I need some opinions here. I have a guy in my league that is in desperate need of a running back and I have one to spare. I have L. Bell, K. Hunt and C.J. Anderson. He wants D.Adams and M. Gillislee and gives me Julio Jones. I also already have J. Nelson as my WR1 so I can afford to lose Adams. Would you guys take it?

Also note my other wide receivers are:

D. Baldwin
T. Hill
E. Sanders


I’d take it. Julio is arguably the best wr in the league. You’re set on rbs so I say go for it


I’d try to sell him Anderson first, but if it’s Gilly or bust, I’d do it.


You don’t like Anderson over Gilly?


Personally I would rather have Anderson. To me he is saver and is obviously the man guy in a run first offense. He looks really strong and healthy right now and I think he is good security considering the injury possibility for Bell.


Agreed @jason_reynolds


I’m going to keep giving people this stat: Anderson has never had more than 850 yards in a season. Not in the pros, not in college.

He always looks good for the first few games, especially at home. And then he finishes the season with less than 850 yards. Do with that what you will.


That is a valid point @DFWB. But this year could be different. Plus it’s him or Gillislee. Gillislee has no track record at all except that the Patriots do not really provide a fantasy relevant RB. (Blount was an exception) I just prefer volume over TD dependency. I think he looks better than he looks better than he ever has. Plus if he gets hurt I think J. Charles would be a fine handcuff. Gillislee’s handcuffs are gone.


It’s really not quite that simple. The Pats have a v track record of a fantasy relevant RB, when they have one that’s actually good (and healthy). And often even when they don’t. Let’s start in 2007 (before this Dillion was always very relevant when healthy):

Maroney: 951 total yards and 6 TDs in 13 games before getting hurt.
Sammy Morris (took over as starter after when Maroney got hurt): 419 total yards and 3 TDs in 6 games (2 starts).

Morris: 888 total yards in 13 games
Green-Ellis: 312 yards and 5 TDs in 9 games (3 starts. Once again, the lead back misses time).

This year was admittedly a cluster f###. A bit of a transition year where no one could take the job.

Green Ellis: 1093 total yards and 13 TDs in 16 games.

Another transition year. For some reason Green-Ellis outsnapps Ridley even though Ridley is clearly the better back.

Here’s the only back on this list who was nearly as talented as Gillislee
1314 total yards and 12 TDs

Another cluster f###. Ridley loses favor due to fumbles. Both he and Blount get 700+ yards and 7 TDs. 3 RBs start games. Only one of them is any good.

Ridley gets hurt and no one else can win the job because none of them are good.

Lewis starts 6 games and looks like a star before getting hurt.
Blount eventually takes over and gains 750 yards and 7 TDs in 12 games (only 6 starts).

I think we know what Blount did here.

My point is this: they haven’t had a good running back that could stay healthy in a very long time. For the stretches they have, they’ve been very, very relevant.


Make the trade. You won’t get a better offer


As a Patriots fan, Gillislee will definitely have a lot of value this year. He is far better than Blount and they are going to use him a lot. All previous years stats on Patriots running backs are useless. The backs are the focal point of the offense this year and especially right now. Edelman going down and all the other Wrs going down have forced them to change the offense to focus on the backs as pass catchers and runners.