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Give Amari Cooper, Receive Martavis Bryant/Jordan Howard?


Should I do this deal? I’m concerned with Howard’s injury and usage. He has also offered to swap Howard for Isaiah Crowell.


Depends in how the rest of your team looks. I’m not all that sure Cooper is a better play than Bryant, and both seem likely to be somewhat inconsistent. I’d probably take Cooper in a one for one, but not by a huge amount. It looks like Howard was way over drafted, as I predicted, but he is still a starting NFL RB, and does have some talent (though not nearly as much as many would have you believe), so he has value.


I have Montgomery and Buck Allen starting right now with Gore and Martin on my bench, and I have Tyreek, Crowder, Watkins and DJax for WR’s. I’m in your position - Howard was overvalued at draft day and now that he’s showing sign of injury and Cohen is threatening, I’m worried he falls right off. Am I crazy to be considering Crowell instead?


This is a tough call for me because I don’t love anyone involved, and in genrral don’t like being the one receiving 2 players in a 2 for 1, but I’d probably lean towards doing it if I have an expendable piece on your bench (remember, a 2 for 1 is really a 2 for 2, because you have to drop someone, assuming your roster is full).

You could really use the RB depth, and I really don’t know how much Cooper can be trusted to be better/more consistent than Bryant. It’s very possible you’d be moving points from your starting lineup to your bench, but you could also be getting 2 starters for 1. Hope that helps.


I have expendables on my bench, that’s no worry. I am the one always trying to trade 2 players for one but this sparked my interest when it was proposed to me. So you would go for it with Howard and not Crowell?


Get Crowell. Try to pay less than a straight Howard for Crow swap.

Crowell has played two tough defenses so far and the schedule is about to lighten up. Plus they are planning to feed him the ball more. He is a guy I want if I can get him.

Read this wrong initially, but keep Crowell on your team and keep your depth. Running back depth is key right now. Don’t make deals this early unless it is a steal.


Yes, I would probably do that.


Alright, thanks for your help guys. Much appreciated.