Give away Antonio Gibson for a mid/late 1st 2021?

Hello everybody,

in a 10-Team PPR Dynasty where I’m reigning Champion, I got offered a 1st 2021 (guess it will be mid or late) for my Antonio Gibson

my current RBs are: Melvin Gordon, Joshua Kelley, L.Murray, A.Peterson,K.Drake, B.Scott, J.Jackson, GusBus Edwards + Antonio Gibson

Would you do the trade? For me it feels a little to less, because I suggest Gibson to be the leadback in WAS this and even next season and he has catching skills too

Thanks for your opinions in advance and best regards from Germany :slight_smile:

That’s a no for me. Gibson seems to have barely scratched the surface on upside. He still isn’t dominating the snap counts so If you really wanted to sell him I would wait because his value is only going up.

I have Gibson in a league identical to yours and I’m not selling for anything less than an early to mid 1st and a 2nd. if that pick turns into a late 1st you lose imo.

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This is what I thought about it too. Thank you for your opinion @baylor :slight_smile:

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