Give away R. Anderson for Minshew in a Superflex Dynastie PPR?

Bonjour from Germany

Should I trade away Robby Anderson for Gardner Minshew in a 10 Team Superflex, PPR Dynastie League? Starting 3 WR, 2 WR-Flex and this WRTQ Superflex spot

WRs in my roster: D. Hopkins, Kupp, C. Godwin, M. Brown, T. Williams, A. Jeffery, J. Brown, G. Allison, J. Hurd, D. Cain, A. Wilson

So I’m deep on WRs, have already Wentz, Lamar and Dalton

But QBs are got good Value, but I’m a bit scared wheather I trade Robby away and he becomes a stud later this or next season…

Would you prefer to trade another WR out of J. Brown oder A. Jeffery away for the secret garden?

Thanks a lot in advance

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