Give away Stafford+Drake for Aaron Jones?

Hi there!

this scenario:
offered Stafford for Aaron Jones, bc opponent looks for QB. (Wilson-owner)
He liked it, but it isnt sure, bc of his bad rb depth.

Im thinking about giving up Stafford+Drake for Jones
is this trade right?
I probably shoudnt, but i see Drake as totaly useless?!

My RBs

My QBs

12ppl, standard, 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1flex

Ur thoughts? Thx

Iā€™d do it. Drake in your line up is a bench Warmer. He needs 3 weeks of consistency in order for me to trust him again. While jones his first 2 games back has shown as the best runner in green bay. And I think jones will increase his work separating himself from Williams.

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Yes for sure do this

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I like your thoughts :slight_smile: