Give Bell and Breida for Michel and Kupp?

My other RBs are Lynch and Buck Allen
WRs are Thielen, Golladay, John Brown, and Fitzgerald
Am I giving up too much?
12 team standard
I’m 2-3 right now.

For me, this really depends on your team format. If your league is 2RB 2WR and 1Flex league then I wouldn’t do it. You’d have too many stud WR and not enough RB depth but if it was a 3 WR league then I’d be more interested. Assuming you have the latter, I’d probably want to hold on to Bell since you’re gonna struggle week 7 either way at RB cuz of bye’s

It’s it’s 2WR 2RB 2FLEX. And I’m confused about the Bye comment. Lynch will be ok Bye week 7 but so would Bell

Your week 7 RB’s would either be Breida and Buck Allen or Michel and Allen, which isn’t exactly a great situation to be in. Normally I take bye weeks into account in trades. For example, this trade does help you week 10 since you’d have Kupp to play while Thielen and Brown have bye’s that week. And since you want to start winning immediately, this trade helps you in week 6 with Breida most likely being ruled out. My only concern is that you might not be getting enough with Bell’s value realistically increasing every week