Give Chubb get Landry

What do you guys think?

I would do that trade

I’d much rather prefer Chubb.

Depends on your roster

RB: mixon, hunt, mack, chubb
WR: jones, woods, kupp, kenny g, brown, sutton

very weak in WR position.

Honestly, I think you need Chubb more than Landry. With Bye weeks to come for your RBs, I don’t think your as deep there.

I wouldn’t freak out about WRs… Kupp will come back strong soon, both Kenny G and Sutton may very well benefit from the potential of Tate or Thomas being traded away (I’m currently targeting Kenny), and Brown has been boom/bust with mostly boom throughout the season. Landry has been hit or miss and the future of Cleveland is pretty up in the air with their coaching positions to be filled. I’d stay away from this trade.

thanks a lot, I almost pulled the trigger on that one!

I just got an intriguing trade that I am having trouble evaluating. How about Chubb for Cohen? Cohen snap percentage is atrocious if compared to Chubb’s but that offense is good, and the bye week is already done with. Thoughts?

That is a bit more interesting… but I still think I’d still stay away. You have enough RB depth to compensate for Chubb being your only RB on Bye in Week 11. Howard has historically been the go to back once it starts getting colder, so I think you’re going to start seeing the snap count start tilting towards Howard a bit more as the season continues. Yes the team is better, but Chubb has gotten 41 opportunities (between carries and targets) over the past 2 weeks compared to Cohen’s 26 even though the game script hasn’t been super favorable for Chubb

There’s a lot of potential with Chubb, it shows when you start getting offers like this for your guys. I’d ride it out with Chubb tbh.

thanks, I told the other owner “not for sale”