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Give Crowell get D Jax, Cooper, or Sanders


Current Roster:
RBs: Hunt, Gurley, Cohen, Crowell, Rodgers, Martin
WRs: Brown, Adams, Parker, Ginn, Golladay, Agholor

With Adams now out I could use a buffer. I am probably never playing crowell… Thoughts on who a fair trade is?


Out of those 3 it depends on how long you can afford to wait. I think Cooper is going to turn it around and he’s the bigger name, but Sanders has been on fire if you need immediate value.


I’m thinking I can actually get Cooper easier with Crowell. Because he hasn’t been preforming well and neither has Crow. It might be the better upside long term.


I have Crow too and I’m dying to move him except no one will bite. Good luck!


Fingers crossed. I really need some WR depth. So, I am willing to move away from him and taking a loss.