Give David a 2nd Moppertunity?

Leaguemate just dropped David Montgomery. Do I put a claim in on him and give him a 2nd chance?
I currently have DJ, Sony, Jamaal Williams, and Ronald Jones, after dropping Kerryon. Lost out on Ty Johnson in waivers.
So I am starting Sony and Williams this week.
PPR redraft league.

I’d rather have Montgomery than Jones.

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I mean there’s a chance that he can turn it around. He’s Carlos Hyde lite so he’s never gonna be great. But if trubisky gets back to how he was playing last year, aka average, he could get redzone opportunities.

All in all I’m not a fan of mountgomery nor the bears offense

New player caller, pick him up.


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Montgomery isn’t the best but the real problem is the coach. You will NEVER feel comfortable starting him with Nagey calling the shots. No Chi RB is a stable play…not even back to the Jordan Howard days.

Jordan Howard sucks too… these are just big bodied backs who run straight into defenders. Cohen has been more electric, Montgomery hasn’t given any reason to the staff that he should receive more touches

Pick up Mopportunity. He will get volume moving forward and had looked good in spots this year. He is not the problem in Chicago. When they get things leveled you will be happier having him on your squad.

This will be his week considering Matt nagy emphasized he knows he needs to run more