Give Devin/Eifert, Get Dez/Jonnu?

Another trade that I am torn on…

12 team, 1 pt ppr with TE premium of 1.5 ppr.
Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, 1 TE, 1 DST, 1 K.

I took 3rd this year, despite losing OBJ, Antonio Brown, Wentz, Eifert. In a position to win now. My biggest hole is TE with Eifert, Stephen Anderson, Tyler Higbee, Julius Thomas.

I’ve been offered my Devin Funchess and Tyler Eifert for his Dez Bryant and Jonnu Smith.

Thinking Dez and Devin are fairly even from a dynasty perspective. Dez might have bigger near term upside, but Devin is younger. Dez could be a nice win-now Flex for me.

Eifert, if healthy, (and it’s a big if) he could be a top 5 TE. Jonnu might have potential, but behind Delanie Walker, and unproven.


I wouldn’t. Dez is overrated, not that he isn’t good but inconsistent unwilling to adjust. Funchess is young as you said, then you add that Eifert if healthy is a top 5 TE, yet Jonnu is as you said the backup, No guarentee when Jonnu will get to start, and how relevant he will be even then. So your giving up a top TE and good young WR for an overrated name and an unproven backup!

I would stick with what you have

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  1. Dez is one of the most overrated fantasy players…many people value him as a low WR1/WR2 or higher but he’s basically a consistent flex play with average upside.
  2. Funchess is a tier up from Dez in my opinion, and has potential to be even better than he is not. He’s a clear WR2 and I think he could end up a low WR1 next year.
  3. I HATE Eifert just like I hate Reed and all other perpetual injury prone players. However, when healthy, he is an elite TE
  4. Jonnu Smith is nothing special. His only value is potential upside. Other than that he should even be on a roster. I mean it…he literally has zero value and isn’t even worth trading for

Funchess > Dez - very easily
Eifert > Junnu - even though Eifert sucks because of injury, Junnu isn’t worth a second look.

I wouldn’t do this trade at all. What I would do is try and package Eifert and another piece just so you can get Eifert off of your team. He has name value and is cancerous to have him on your roster.

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I would agree with Swiss! If you can take Eifert plus something to get a player with the same skill/greater who doesn’t have the injury problems Its worth it. Sure anyone can get Injured (olsen this year) but your playing the probability game

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