Give Doyle for Landry! ok?

Picked up Doyle from waivers, already own Reed and Engram.

I can get Landry for him.

Is Doyle worth more? What do u think?

Rest of wr is obj, keenan, dj moore

Thx Guys, appreciate your thoughts :slight_smile:

I think that’s a fair trade especially if you have the other two TEs , plus the browns might actually pull there stuff together and start using laundry more

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Do u think theres more to come from Landry?

I mean they gave him 18 recs last 2 games, how much more does he need?

I think so because I think with the coach firings they me throw the ball more!

Plus Ebron is there too taking targets!

So you plan to start Doyle every week or stream him if you own him?

I think Doyle is better then Reed and Engram, so yeah i think i would play him.

Even though Reed gets like 7 recs a game but he just doesnt do anything with them.

Landrys next 2 matchups are fire, so im still leaning towards him.

Any other thoughts?

Landry > Doyle?