Give Doyle get JuJu?

I’m in a full pt ppr 14 team league. My WRs are Julio Decker Agholor and lost Garcon last week so need a bump at this position. have Graham and Doyle at TE and usually end up flexing one of them. Is this a good idea?

I think giving up one of those TEs for a WR is a good idea. Those are both top 6ish TEs. I’m not certain if Doyle for JuJu is the deal I want, but maybe like a Doyle/Decker for like Theilen or something works.

Thanks. Trading in my league has been pretty rough but it’s worth a shot. I’m trying to see if I️ can make something work with this offer. I’m also having troubles at RB: Murray, Ingram, Ellington, Stewart. This guys has Drake and McFadden on his bench. Would it make sense for me to ask for juju plus either one of those guys for Doyle?

Wild card random question. This guy has Shepherd. Trying to decide between Shep or Juju paired with Drake or McFadden. Leaning towards juju/drake. My thinking is that I️ usually need to start Graham and Doyle both so I’d be picking up a receiver but losing a flex so I️ need a little extra.

Shephard >> JuJu for sure. I feel much more comfortable doing Shephard for Doyle straight up actually