Give Hilton+Drake for Keenan Allen?

Hi bros,

My Hilton + my obj both bye week 9, thats why im looking for a trade.

I want to offer drake+hilton for allen
I have Rivers, that could be a nice stack.

Drake seems very good atm but i still dont trust him.

Other RBs are hunt, michel, mixon, chubb

Do you think thats a fair offer for both?

The trade offer is fine but I don’t think the Allen owner will bite. If you really want Allen put Mixon up for trade but I wouldn’t do it. Just get through the bye week. Who are the other WRs on your team?

No wr left atm. Only obj/hilton.

I have the trade Drake+Hilton for Keenan offered to me. Just need to click accept.

Any doubts guys?

No thoughts on this trade?

If you can get Hilton + Drake for Allen, I think that’s fine. I’m one of the few believers in Drake though. Love the talent, hate the situation. Hoping that his recent performance puts him more on the map as Gore once again showed he is literally just in there to accumulate numbers and nothing else.

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I wouldn’t take that deal. That seems expensive for Keenan. I’d prefer Keenan to Hilton but Drake’s value exceeds the difference to me.

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I would have rbs left mixon hunt michel and chubb

I feel like its expensive too, but i dont really need drake

What i really need is wrs not on Bye 9

Or is it dumb to think that way? Buying too expoensive

I’d prefer to keep hilton and see what you could get for Drake then. Just because you don’t need Drake doesn’t mean you couldn’t get more for him. You could always offer Drake for Golladay/Landry/J.Brown coming off bad games and see where it goes.

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