Give Ingram, get Watson?

Is this a good trade? Mark Ingram for Deshaun Watson in a full PPR. We start two QBs, 2 Rbs, a wr/rb flex and wr/rb/te flex

Current QBs are Jameis Winston, Brett Hundley, and Bortles
Current RBs are Ajayi, Mark Ingram, Kareem Hunt, Crowell, and Buck Allen

I feel like Ingram is worth more than Watson

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I’d do it. As long as you have WRs to fill up those other slots. I’d keep playing Ajayi and of course Hunt. The other slots depends on your receivers. If anything try to get him to throw in a cheap TE. But all depends on the rest of your roster. Watson would be your best QB if you get him

No, you should be able to get more for Ingram. I can’t ever think of a scenario where I would give up a low end RB1 for a QB1. I think it’s fine to upgrade at QB, but don’t give up Ingram to do it. I wouldn’t even give up Ingram for Rodgers if he were healthy.

No! Don’t Do it!

There’s no reason for that. Watson will have to regress (Houston fan, I love him, but he has to), and Ingram is on the way up. Even if this weren’t the case, I think Ingram is worth twice what Watson, just by merit of being a thinner skill position