Give me your biggest dynasty tip!

Starting up a new dynasty league next season and I’m very raw in strategic strategy with drafting and which position to target etc

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What is the format / league size / etc?

IE: Is it super flex or single QB? Is it TE premium? Starting lineup positions?

It’s hard to give blanket advice, but if I only had one it’s roster balance. Value WRs due to their potentially long careers but do not skip on at least 1 strong RB / QB / TE. Those 3 positions do not need to be top 5, but if you can land at least 1 in the top 10 at each position it’ll help balance your team moving forward. I find that I often have a really solid WR core and then have to move those pieces for the other positions. I end up with a depleted WR core and the other positional pieces aren’t really who I want. They just happened to be available. If that makes sense?

Like @octoberland said, knowing the format, etc would be helpful.

Here is my blanket advice. Draft to win the current season. Don’t pass on Kamara for a younger guy like CEH (not a great example based on performance, but saw 2020 startups doing so) thinking you get an extra couple years out of him. That being said, if you are deciding between two guys in similar rankings (ex: Thielen vs Boyd) - then I’d probably use age & offense as a tie breaker.

So much can happen and I see people planning for future seasons way too soon. ONCE you are out of the playoff hunt (let’s hope you draft well enough to avoid that!) then go ahead and trade away assets you don’t see much future value in, BUT can help someone else this year. Trade those guys away (ex Montgomery: easy ROS, but I just don’t see him ever becoming elite). In return get some valuable picks and/or someone on their bench with nice upside value (JT… ehhh fingers crossed or maybe a Deboo type who we know is great when healthy, but hasn’t done a thing all year). On the flip side, be willing to trade away guys that MAY be better next year for someone doing well this year that could win you the league (last example: I traded away Chark and a pick for Keenan Allen this week). Long term, MAYBE Chark is better, but this year, Allen is getting peppered with Targets from his stud rookie QB. I want those targets and not boom/bust only going into the playoffs.


  • Dynasty is fun - enjoy it by trying to win each season. Draft the best guys for the current year.
  • Be willing to trade to make a run OR set yourself up for the future IF playoff hopes are dead.

Well said. Win now is often overlooked in dynasty. Consider the future, but if you can win it straight out the gate then get it done. You can normally get those vets cheaply / later as everyone wants youth. Great tip!

Amazing tips fellas!! Hugely appreciated. Taking notes here