Give MY Melvin Gordon for HIS Hopkins + C. Thompson? (torn)

12-team STANDARD scoring (no ppr)

My RBs = M. Gordon/Ekeler/Conner/Mixon/Lat. Murray/Alf. Morris/S. Ware/Burkhead [IR]
My WRs = D. Adams/Stills/K.Cole

I’m 2-1 currently and have already harvested 4 TDs from Gordon. Gordon had 12 combined TDs both last year and in 2016 so I’ve already yielded 33% of his total expected seasonal output in the first 3 games. Hopkins however, only has 1 TD so far this year and he’s typically good for about 10 TDs per season. Remember, this is non-PPR scoring. Thanks for the input fellas.

I don’t mind this trade if you’re in love with Hopkins. But I personally lean towards the RB side whenever trading a RB for a WR (I know you’re getting Thompson to plug in, but I think he’s a steep drop from Gordon). You could use the depth at WR sure, but trading away Gordon will make you feel a hell of a lot more uneasy week to week since he’s guaranteed production right now.

ty bro. I agreed in principal to the trade but have not done it yet (we agreed to do it next week barring any Week 4 injuries to the players involved). I gave the guy my word and my co-workers know me as a man of my word so i will have to, but I immediately regretted the decision and came here for validation…which you gave me. It was a strange conversation the way it all unfolded…you had to be there.

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