Give Parker/Abdullah for Julio?

Full point PPR, 10 team. My team:

QB: Winston
RB: Bell, Zeke, Ingram, Duke J. Abdullah, Breida, and some handcuffs
WR: OBJ, Tate, Parker, Snead
TE: Clay

Julio owner is 0-4 and has DT and Julio on bye this week. Does it leave me a bit too thin in terms of RB depth? Other thoughts?

Yes, I would do that. You got enough depth to do that.

i would do that too

I’m super high on Parker, especially in PPR, but I’m not sure if everyone’s still sleeping on Jay Cutty’s main man so you may need to educate the other team on what Parker has done in only 3 games.

Also Ameer got hurt so he’s got that stupid Q next to his name even though it sounds like he’s gonna be ok. You might need to offer Duke or Ingram if the other team is wary of accepting an injured player.