Give up Collins, Kerryon, and Lindsey for Melvin?

Hey Fellow Footclan members,

I’m close to pulling off a pretty big trade but am looking for your insight. I’ve got a good team and I think this trade will put me over the top. I’ll be 5-2 after this week and in second place in the league. The Melvin Gordon owner is really weak at RB. The offer on the table is for me to send Alex Collins, Kerryon Johnson, and Philip Lindsey to get Gordon in return. Here’s what my roster would be after the trade:

QB - Newton, Wilson
RB - Gordon, Hunt, Ingram, Clement, Ware
WR - Hopkins, Theilen, OBJ, Davis, Allison
TE - Graham, Uzamah

Side Note: Our league has two starting flex spots.

Would you make the trade? It’s a lot of solid depth to give up but I’m getting the best player. Gordon’s hamstring worries me but it’s good they are on bye this coming week.

Appreciate your thoughts!


I’d do that trade

Yeah i’d do that. Normally i’d say don’t give up so much RB depth. But you’ve got plenty and this would push you over the top.